Looking for album artwork design

2010-02-07 15:20:39 by doe333

I'm looking for front cover artwork for my upcoming album entitled "Democalypse" (as in Democracy + Apocalypse). The concept is that when the end of the world comes it will be the people that made it happen. So something dark and epic that reflects that is what I'm looking for.

Deadline: I need the finished artwork by March 1, 2010.
Payment: If I use your design, I'll pay $20 US via Paypal + a link on my website.
Details: This deal will be non-exclusive. I ask for permission to use your art on the album cover and ads/promo pics, but you retain the copyright on your work. Print size of a CD cover is 4.75 inches x 4.75 inches, so your submission should be that size, preferably in jpeg format at 300 dpi. Artist will of course be credited in album notes.

To get an idea of my musical style (though the album will be slightly different), check out the tracks @ http://www.sykophunk.com/free_download s Any other questions, please message me.


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2010-02-07 16:08:23

Whoa man, Hudson Valley? I thought no one lived here. :o

doe333 responds:

You too? Definitely not much going on in the area, but I guess that's what the internet's for...


2010-02-07 17:47:19

Hey, I think i might be able to help you.

I'll draw up a sketch or two tonight... PM me if you've got any more details/past covers to go from?


2010-02-07 21:13:34

Hahaha. I kinda like your music, even though i don't like that much. Check out my art, and see if you'd be interested on having me as your artist.


2010-02-09 01:28:41

I could use the money, so if I can think of anything I'll draw something up.