Entry #4

I'm baaack...

2014-04-18 08:03:20 by doe333

It's been a while since I've been active here at Newgrounds, but I have returned. Mostly to find some fun new creations, to share my own and maybe collaborate with some awesome artists out there on future projects. So if you're reading this: hello, don't be afraid to check out my links & submissions (I'll be posting more) and get in touch if you want to collab. I'm especially interested in game & movie makers looking for music as well as visual/graphic/illustration artists who like doing character art.


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2014-04-18 08:30:26

Welcome back i dont need anybody buth id like to help you!
Im a writer and musician!

doe333 responds:

Thank you! I'll add you so we can stay in touch & possibly collab.